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Board of Education

Name Position
Ms. Gail Smith Bookkeeper
Dr. H. Major Poteat Superintendent
Ms. Stephanie McCrary Confidential Secretary - Supt. Office
Dr. Dorothy Carcamo Asst. Superintendent
Ms. Allison Kurpicki Confidential Secretary - Asst. Supt. Office
Ms. Tyra McCoy-Boyle Business Admin./Bd. Secretary
Ms. Christine Hendri Confidential Secretary-Bus. Adm./Bd. Secretary
Mr. Dion Davis Director of Human Resources
Ms. Amelia McCracken Confidential Secretary - Human Resources
Ms. Natasha Daniels Confidential Secretary - Human Resources
Ms. Regina Chico Assistant Business Administrator
Ms. Lisa Pantalone Payroll Bookkeeper
Ms. Dana Walsh Payroll Bookkeeper
Ms. Yalonda Gambrell Bookkeeper
Ms. Shari Reese Bookkeeper
Ms. Lori Blair Bookkeeper
Ms. Jacqueline Butler Bookkeeper
Mr. Jack Mills Coordinator of Special Projects
Ms. Jacqueline Maccarella Before & After School Program
Ms. Tina Wydrzynski Accountant
Ms. Melissa Foat Administrative Secretary

Curriculum Office

Name Position
Ms. Karen Loney Director of Research & Planning
Ms. Joyce Bombara Secretary - Curriculum Office
Ms. Rachel Cicchino Secretary - Curriculum Office
Ms. Michele Nisula Supervisor of English/Lang. Arts
Mr. John Innocenzo Supervisor of Mathematics
Mr. Darryl Scott Supervisor of Technology
Mr. Michael Aponte Supervisor of Technology

Special Services

Name Position
Ms. Jennifer DeGerolamo LDTC
Ms. Pamela Shaw Secretary - CST
Dr. Robert Riccardi Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Mr. James Nesmith Supervisor of Student Support Services
Ms. Lisa Antes Secretary - CST Office
Ms. Joy Jenkins Secretary - CST Office
Mr. Kevin Dunphy Case Manager
Ms. Diane Hawkins Case Manager


Name Position
Mr. John Gaskill Director of Transportation
Ms. Tammy Wall Asst. Transportation Director
Ms. Deborah Polisano Disptacher
Ms. Kristine Iannaco Secretary


Name Position
Ms. Sandy Pinnock Aramark - Facilities Director
Mr. Kenneth Rutter Aramark - General Manager
Ms. Heather Short Aramark - Secretary


Name Position
Ms. Esmeralda Cabrera Sodexo - Administrative Assistant
Ms. Colleen Lillich Sodexo - General Manager
Mr. Raymond Watkins Sodexo Asst. General Manager