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Four Winslow Township Schools Awarded Sustainable Jersey Grants

Congratulations to Winslow Township Schools No. 1, No. 4, WTMS, and WTHS, as they each received grants from Sustainable Jersey for their school-wide projects.

Four Winslow Township Schools Awarded Sustainable Jersey Grants

 Schools One, Four, Middle, and High School received $2,000 grants from Sustainable Jersey for their school-wide projects.  Each school received their award based on the Sustainable Jersey criteria and its relevance to the environment and healthy living. 


Winslow Township School One Green Team will launch the School’s Sustainable Jersey efforts by initiating a Get Moving Challenge throughout the school’s Pre-K-3rd grade student population, in supprt of the Programs to Promote Physical Activity Action. The in-school portion of this program will focus on walking and yoga, two forms of physical activity that are easy to replicate at home with no expensive equipment needed. Each student will be given a pedometer and taught how to use it to track their daily steps, and basic yoga poses will be incorporated into Physical Education class lessons. Information will be sent home to all parents to encourage the continuation of these healthy habitats at home, and teachers will also be invited to an after-school yoga session to encourage healthy activity among staff members. Students will be asked to track and report their level of activity during the challenge period, and reusable water bottles will be given away to up to 75 students as incentives for participation. Pedometers will be collected at the end of the year for use with future students.


Winslow Township School Four will launch its Sustainable Jersey efforts by creating a school garden for the educational benefit of its Pre-K through 3rd Grade students. School 4 has a large courtyard area that was created as a result of recently completed building expansion. This space is centrally located to all classrooms making it an ideal spot to place raised bed container gardens to teach about gardening and agriculture. The Green Team will obtain and oversee the installation of 4 raised bed planters, with help from students and staff, as well as parents and community members. Staff, parents and community members will help construct the raised bed planter frames, transfer soil, and prepare the garden beds for the students to plant. Students will participate in the planting of fruits and vegetables in the raised beds, and will learn valuable lessons about where their produce comes from and how food is grown.


Winslow Township Middle School Green Team will create two vertical garden installations in a courtyard near the entrance to the school building to teach students about alternative forms of gardening and to maximize the yield of vegetables and plants grown in a limited space. This project supports the Sustainable Jersey Actions of Education for Sustainability – Science, and School Gardens. The vertical gardens will be attached to the exterior walls of the building and will feature various types of lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, cabbage, strawberries, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, gourds, squash, and other varieties of fruits and vegetables which adapt well to a vertical garden system.


Winslow Township High School Green Team will purchase and install two Water Bottle Filling Stations in the school to encourage students to drink adequate amounts of clean, fresh water, and to discourage the consumption of sugary beverages. The two stations will be installed outside of the school’s cafeteria and gymnasium, to make the stations easily accessible to students during lunch periods, gym classes, and for after school athletics. Student education will also be included in all health classes to ensure that students are aware of the amount of water that the body needs to remain adequately hydrated, as well as the negative effects of high sugar and caffeine-filled drink products.  The water bottle filling stations also include a built-in filter, helping to ensure that the water being consumed is healthy.  


Congratulations to Ms. Karen Forst, District Grant Writer, and the Principals at each school.